We are not a store,
we are a service that stands for, fresh products, reliable customer service and convenient shopping.

About Homeshoppa

Homeshoppa is an online groceries shopping and delivery platform that allows shoppers in Ghana to get all the groceries they need, delivered fresh, healthy and at the affordable prices at their doorsteps.

Homeshoppa is Your Personal Shopping Assistant

Homeshoppa represents that special personal assistant in the home that many Ghanaians never had. Your Personal Online Shopper ensures that all the stress of shopping daily and getting the best while at it is relieved. We, let you know what is fresh and cheap. You can always decide on products from home.

Our Passion

At Homeshoppa, we are also driven by a strong, contagious passion to get the local markets closer to customers so that each shopper in Ghana gets fresh, healthy, quality and affordable groceries all the time.

We are there to support supermarkets, local markets and customers.

Think About It

You are at work and come up with an idea for dinner. During the lunch break, log on to your account on or the Homeshoppa mobile app, order all the products from different stores online and shortly after you get them delivered to you at home or work.

Traffic Free, Stress-Free

No need to endure long hours in traffic to go to the supermarket anymore, after work you take your products straight home. No more stress on stress when you have to go to the market after work.

Let Homeshoppa Take Care of It for You

The local market is usually a stressful activity, how easy would it be if you have somebody who does it for you? And how easy would it be if you can shop from different supermarkets and still get your products from the local market at the same time?

Homeshoppa is Always a Happy Ending

To Sell Fresh, Quality and Healthy Products, Deliver Reliable Services and Offer Convenient Shopping, all at the Most Affordable prices for Every  Shopper in Ghana

Our Online Products Stores

  1. Beverages

  2. Bakery

  3. Dairy

  4. Seafood

  5. Personal Care

  6. Household Items

  7. Frozen Foods

  8. Canned/Jarred Goods

  9. Cleaners

  10. Meat/Fish

  11. Paper Goods

Our Tag-Line; Our Pride

Your Personal Online Grocery Shopper


Claire Staal - CEO

Claire Staal, the CEO and founder of Homeshoppa, has a great background in E-commerce. She was formerly managing director of one of the biggest E-commerce companies in Africa and was announced in 2016 as Inspiring Women CEO Award by the Guardian Women and the British Council.

Mishael Akpabio - Country Manager

Mishael Akpabio is the Country Manager of Homeshoppa. Coming into the team with a background in Fashion and rich experience in Social Media management and Customer Service, Mishael is smart and always focused on getting the job done.  She was formerly the Social Media Manager at one of the top e-commerce websites in Ghana