Purezone Thick Bleach 750ml

Kills flu virus, 100% multi purpose bleach.


Nova Max Purezone with its new formula kills 100% of toilet germs, flu virus, and cleans clothes extra white.

How to use? Squirt under rim and clean with brush or leave it to get better action for 15 minutes or leave the liquid to act overnight. You can use NOVA Max Purzone to clean sinks, toilets, basins, drains & plughole, baths, floors. It will give you perfect solution. For clothes: add three cups of NOVA Max Purezone to 10 litres of water and soak clothes for 15 minutes or squirt directly on stain, leave for about 15 seconds and rinse.

Warning: Do not mix with other products. May release dangerous gases. Irritating to eyes and skin. Keep out of reach of children. Avoid contact with eyes and skin. Do not use for washing face, hands and food. If it goes into your eyes wash with plenty of water, don’t rub with hand.